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Web Enablement Services
Web enablement could result in huge cost savings and enhance earnings growth by accelerating clinical trial process and reducing costs through minimum randomization, optimum enrollment, just-in-time drug packaging and delivery. The following activities are considered for web enablement:
Administration of treatment
Randomization minimization
Drug inventory control and smart supply
Generating interim reports
Enrollment minimization
Periodic tracking of reports and graphs for management
Randomization for various designs
Tracking replacement subjects and Adverse Events
Drop shipment
Interim statistical analysis
NDA submission
System Development Services
Crystalizing concept of operations
Creating functional requirement specifications
Formulating design specifications
Modeling data
Coding and developing systems
Complying with 21 CFR Part 11 requirements
Validating systems and documenting as per SOPs
Training end-users
Maintaining and supporting systems
Upgrading and enhancing systems
Re-engineering and archiving systems