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VReport is a SAS/AF based interactive system developed for source verification by using statistical quality control on data from EIC module, importing and viewing of raw data from EIC database, Extracting, Transforming and Loading (ETL) of raw data to tabulation model as per CDISC or corporate data standard, creating tables, listing and graphs (TLGs) as per statistical analysis plans (SAPs) and ICH E3 guidelines, editing of SAS tables for version control of macros used in ETL and TLGs, and creating transport format data for transmission to regulatory agencies.
Key features:
SAS/AF based application
Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) data from different databases - MSSQL, Clintrial, Oracle Clinical etc.
Facilitates browsing of data using filters
Create tabulation models as per SDTM/CDISC standard
Generates TLGs (Tables, Listings and Graphs) as per client's Statistical Analysis Plans (SAPs) and ICH E3
Provides for version controlled SAS macro management
Creates XML/XPT data and reports for eSubmission to regulatory agencies