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VDataWare CTR
VDataWare is a SAS Data warehouse web application built using SAS Business Intelligence (BI) and SAS Data Intelligence (DI) tools with ability to access real time mission critical information. The CTR module of VDataWare supports the creation of data marts and publication of status reports of clinical project operations metrics that can support decisions on clinical project prioritization and optimization. Reports can be generated by therapeutic area, compound and project..
Key features:
Provides for tracking and forecasting the cost of trials and projects
Supports the status of different trials in a clinical project using Gantt chart with milestones
Tracks/Forecasts the patient/subject enrollment
Provides central location for all reports
Avoids duplication of reports
Presents reports directly online (MS PowerPoint enabled)
Projects traffic light indicators to visualize program and project statutes and performance
Provides for viewing and creating project reports across multiple functional areas such as Clinical, Toxicology
and Regulatory