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Vsoft provides 24/7 help desk support to the users of Clinfoware® System across the globe. We support our clients with all the major languages across world, based on their requirements.Since Clinfoware® System is a product catering to global trials, providing world class support at all times has been the highest priority for Vsoft.
The presence of excellent technical teams with well versed knowledge of the product, both in US and India, assist and monitor the help desk staff at all times. Our technical support staffs have comprehensive understanding of full clinical trial process and they have gone through rigorous and extensive training of Clinfoware® System.
Users will be provided with toll-free number [ India ] for clarifying their queries, which will also be forwarded to the technical staff immediately. Our technical staff's expertise in the product makes them highly efficient and fast in resolving problems.Support staff also keeps a constant vigilance on the working of the systems, thereby reducing the time taken and effort by client as well as Vsoft.