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The Clinfoware® System randomization module implements the statistical algorithms, programming technologies and compliance requirements. Random codes are generated much before subjects are assigned to treatments. Dynamic random codes are generated when subjects are assigned to treatments and takes prior assignments of treatments of other subjects into consideration. The module avoids all randomization pitfalls that can easily curtail the speed of the clinical trial process by providing an excellent balancing across treatment arms.
Allows for downloading random codes through excel and flat files.Capable to do treatment mapping
Various kind of reports available like Definition report, Random code reports, Treatment mapping Report etc
Static Randomization
Generate different types of random codes
Multiple methods
Stratified rising dose
Escalating dose
Generate random codes from 1 to 999,999
Dynamic Randomization
Allows up to sixteen strata
Provides weighted treatment and strata
Adaptive Randomization
Implements complex randomization schemes
Provides transparency for the sites when treatment arms are removed
Triggered inventory algorithm recalculates the inventory at all sites and avoids supply surges