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Vsoft believes that "our people are our assets". Vsoft has a strong & dedicated team of highly qualified professionals with expertise in clinical trial management, data management, Information technology and related domains. The professionals have thorough and wide experience in handling clinical trial related software development and support. The team members are qualified in the field of information technology, engineering, Statistics, medical, pharmacy, bio-technology and management degrees from reputed universities with certifications in Six Sigma White Belt,CCDM,SAS [ Basic & Advanced ], SCJP etc..
Vsoft understands that it is not possible to create a world-class product without having good domain knowledge among all the members in a team. So, the team of professionals is trained on both clinical trial domain and software technologies simultaneously so that they can get hands on experience of working with the technologies on the domain. The team is supported with our experts and advisors from clinical research. The expertise is passed on to the newer professionals via internal training and periodic discussions on the subject, thus making it easier for them to get into the clinical trial domain faster and better.
Vsoft offers flexible work timings to employees for a healthy balance between personal and professional lives. A state-of-the-art internal library further supports and enhances the knowledge base of employees.
Vsoft employees have extensive experience of clinical trials. Working at leading pharmaceutical companies, our team members have acquired the business knowledge and system design skills to develop and manage mission critical clinical trial application.