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Medical Imaging
Medical Imaging solution as part of Clinfoware® System provides added value in efficacy and safety evaluation. Information to and from the medical devices are communicated automatically. Users can analyze, annotate and save the images using the features provided as follows:
Picture Archiving and Communication System
An information system that electronically stores, retrieves, transports, displays, prints and manages digital
clinical images
Replaces hard-copy based means of managing medical images, such as film archives
Provides access for off-site viewing and reporting
Enables practitioners at various physical locations to access the same information simultaneously
Highly scalable in a large hospital environment
Accessible globally from any Internet-connected computer
Simple to use, simple to configure - all workstation needs is a Web browser
Provides the most sophisticated functionality (e.g. 3D image manipulation and others) on standard PCs and
supports inexpensive printers
Compatible with all relevant standards