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Information Repository
This module of VDataWare application creates additional datasets by combining data either across or within individual studies. It manages tracking and resolution of data quality queries and data quality flagging for all study data from a single view. This module is used to retrieve all information managed within a clinical program through a single point, including data, documents, images and gives confidence in the accuracy and completeness of the search.
Key features:
Maintains a consistent view by applying master and meta- data standards across all information
Enables import, integration and export of clinical information in a variety of formats
Integrates and/or aggregates data using standard routines against a common information model
Supports convergent and divergent data streams without the need for manual reconciliation
Supports role-centric views of the same information simultaneously
Provides for viewing the entire dataset for a study from a single point including an indication of completeness
and quality close to real-time