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Clinfoware System® Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS) /Interactive Web Response System (IWRS) include modules that offer the most advanced web-integrated IVRS with speech recognition. A built-in inventory algorithm provides for the complete accountability of drug supplies and minimizes waste. Besides rapid implementation, a 24/7/365 support in multiple languages is available.

A complex process that includes dynamic randomization is integrated within this module. The re-supply parameters are dynamically adjusted to accommodate consumption rate and delivery time. Subjects can be assigned treatment by accessing the system by IVRS or over internet. User is provided full control over site activation, shipment requests, shipment confirmation, shipment receipt confirmation and return shipment.
Key features:
Supports both for Voice and Web
Trials can be utilized by both IVR and IWR, allowing user to switch between IVR/IWR during the trial
Multilingual support
Handles Randomization and treatment re-supply
Handles Subject replacement and kit replacement
Drug Supply management
Depot specific supply management
Just in time inventory capability including drug accountability
Instant email Notification for user activity
Types of Randomizations - Parallel, Cross Over, Escalating Dose, Stratified etc
Suitable for Adaptive Randomization trials
Simplified Subject Screening Process
Concurrent IVR sessions
Dynamic randomization ability
Easily Handles the treatment unblinding