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5. For the following challenges you have experienced, how would you rate them on a scale of 1-5, with 1 being Least Experienced and 5 being Most Experienced?

Least Experienced (1) Infrequently Experienced (2) Experienced (3) Experienced Often (4) Most Experienced (5)
Having unreliable data / network connectivity
Lack of access from anywhere
Lack of access to all needed data
Not being able to work offline like an email system
Being told by the EDC vendor to turn off edit checks
Slow page saves and turns
Servers crash during interim analysis
Servers crash during database lock
Not being able to select the device to input EDC data
Working with only high-speed Internet/network connections

6. What other challenges have you/your team experienced with EDC?

7. What features would you like to add to EDC system for betterment?

8. How would you rate the following while choosing an EDC system on a scale of 1-5, with 1 being Least important and 5 being Most important?

Least Important (1) Less Important (2) Important (3) Very Important (4) Most Important (5)
Ease of use
Company experience
Access from anywhere
Reporting capabilities
Page turn speeds
User interface
Ability to run complex trials
Project team, response to Sponsor needs

9. Will you consider Fully Integrated Interactive eClinical System with single database / login for EDC, CTMS, IVRS/IWRS/eDiary, AERS/PV, Random Code / Experimental Design, Labeling and all Reporting for your next trial
Will you consider "Best-in-class" Silo-based eClinical Solution for your next trial ?