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Electronic Data Capture (EDC)
The Clinfoware® System Electronic Data Capture (EDC) module provides maximum flexibility in electronic Case Report Form (eCRF) design and management. Rapid implementation and dynamic query management enables efficient quality control of data. Periodic reports, alerts and comments provide investigators and study coordinators with all the tools required for proactive study management.
Key Features:
Create different types of form (log form, normal form, pre-selected form)
Allows dual data entry in hybrid mode
Provides auto and manual query
Monitoring overall status data through traffic light
Data closure can be performed at various level
Dash board feature provides status of EDC data
Provides final sign-off of captured data via e-signature
Reduces duplicate queries on multiple CRFs
Provides batch loading of lab data and normal ranges
Provides code lists for having reusable data formats>
Provides alerts on patient/subject visit schedules and violation
Creation of eCRF using CDASH, SDTM and ADAM standards
Dashboard feature showing quick status of study
Schedules and tracks patient visits and procedures