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Clinical Trial Management
The Clinical Trial Management Module of Clinfoware® System offers efficient way of setting up and managing clinical trials. It allows the trial managers to build protocol budgets, construct and approve budgets, monitor revenue, track protocol milestones, upload and manage different kinds of documents and much more.
In the current eClinical Industry, most of the e-Clinical systems are not compatible with other e-Clinical systems developed in different environment with different database; But Vsoft Clinfoware® System provides a unique centralized database on which any clinical trial system can fit in without loosing any data integrity.
Clinfoware® system can be configured under Configuration module, which enables administrator of the system to manage, assign and track all the activities in the system. Module provides administrator the right to add role based access controlled navigations.
Key Features:
Allows creation and management of project plans for managing the trials
Presents pending tasks for each user depending on the project plan
Manages agreements, contracts etc
Builds protocols and construct budgets at protocol and site level
Budget allocation with respect to the country and its various sites
Tracks protocol milestones at various levels
Creates and manages budgets, payments and grants for trial activities
Automatic payments based on clean data
Versioning of budgets upon rejection
Tracks post production changes of study by protocol amendment
Registry for access controlled document repository
Manage monitor visit report through visit report templates
Updating site visit report at various visit levels.
Role based navigation
Tracks audit information, login details, mail logs etc