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Clinfoware® - Disciplined Pyramid
Vsoft's end-to-end solutions for clinical trials - Clinfoware® System provides clients with a very easy and powerful way to conduct clinical trials and get reliable data faster, helping them to save a lot of valuable money and time in achieving their objective. Vsoft believes that clinical trial process, though complicated, can be dealt with well thought qualitative method to reduce ambiguity thereby enabling it to finish faster with better accuracy. Clinfoware® System enables handling data of the whole clinical trial starting from Protocol Setup to eSubmission. It enables seamless data flow between different components of the system, there by reducing the need for excessive and repetitive integration.
Methodical approach to the trial process followed by Clinfoware® System makes it possible to get High Quality Data and a hawk eye view of the trial conduct. Better visibility accelerates the process by leaps and bounds since it facilitates faster decision making. The process can be precisely planned and set up accordingly. Data can be recorded using various methods, analyzed and reported conveniently using the system. All this is done in compliance with regulatory and other trial related norms. Methodical approach makes it easier to maintain trials and brings in the desired clarity in everything that is crucial to the success of the trials.
Clinfoware® System according to the normal clinical trial business flow, allows tactical adaptations wherever necessary for smooth conduct of clinical trials.
Clinfoware® - Disciplined Pyramid
Project planning
Protocol setup and budgeting
Random codes creation and approval
Site addition and activation
Site budgeting and grants
Drug shipment
Label creation
Enrollment and randomization of subjects
Safety reporting
Data entry and query management
Data sampling
Data closing
Query Management
Analysis and reporting